Z3 - Content Management System. site web information pages sections creation content system systems management filling dynamic access
Z3 - Content Management System. site web information pages sections creation content system systems management filling dynamic access

What is CMS
Content Mangement System (Control systems of Web-resources) reduce cost of creation and support of complex(difficult) Web-sites. The basic functions of systems are development content, management of a site, delivery content. In a basis of control systems Web- content the architecture a client / server that facilitates work of clients and access to the information lays.
New opportunities of business dealing
The Internet, being the tool of business dealing, essentially raises speed and dynamics(changes) of mutual relation of business - partners at correct use of this tool. In process of association of life of the real enterprise with Web, the problem of management content a Web-site will stand more and more sharply. Behind a facade of any Web-site there is his(its) infrastructure and information filling, reasonable management with which is a priority for achievement of efficiency.
Kinds of representation of the information in the Internet
Any Web-site represents a set of pages in format HTML, distinctions consist in how they are organized. The Web-site can be constructed by two various ways - statically and dynamically. In the first case the experts responsible for creation and support of a site, represent the information for filling a Web-resource in format HTML, including its registration and content. In the second - with the help of the patterns determining an arrangement in a window of a Web-browser of all components of page, the concrete information, with use of the standard means which are not demanding of the participant process of knowledge of language HTML, and enough complex for the nonspecialist, procedures of the publication of Web-page is inserted.
If the site consists of set of pages or it(he) should be updated frequently advantage of the dynamic organization becomes obvious. Developers of a Web-site should not copy all page at change of its information filling or design. Pages are not stored entirely, and formed "hurriedly" at the reference to them.
Thus, the branch of design from content is the main distinctive feature of dynamic sites from static. On this basis the further improvements of structure of a site are possible.
Possible variants
For creation of a dynamic site two ways are possible . First, this spelling of the own programs responsible for creation of the necessary patterns and supporting necessary functions. Thus the created system will answer completely to needs(requirements), however will demand the big efforts of experts in the field of creation of the software, and also time expenses. The second way is to take advantage of already existing systems which refer to as control systems of Web-publications. Advantage of this way is reduction of expenses of time, forces, means.
Doubtless plus of such control system is deprecication of administration in general, and supports of a site in particular. It occurs due to decrease of losses of time for searches of documents, suppression of duplication and mistakes, increase of speed of communication with partners and clients.
Offered decisions
Adaptive modular system "Z3" is a software which allows to create and support dynamic information Web-resources. Distinctive feature of a dynamic site is the branch of design from information filling. It allows to automate process of the publication of the information on a site to differentiate access to sections of a Web-resource. Differentiation of rights of access allows to organize work on addition and editing the information on a Web-resource to different employees.
Basic functions "Z3"
Management of structure of a WEB-site
"Z3" allows to add and delete sections and subitems of a site and also to change structure of sections. Thus, the map of a site is formed and edited.
Change of information filling of a site
Creation of pages of a site, change of their contents both text, and graphic, an attachment of these pages to the necessary sections.
Fast activation and deactivation of pages and sections
Efficiency of deenergizing of pages and sections without their distance is achieved.
Management of access to editing materials of a site
Distribution of rights and levels of access to editing sections and pages between responsible departments and employees of the company.
Gathering of statistics of visitings of sections and pages
Generation of reports of attendance, revealing of the most interesting sites of a site, the analysis of influence of the spent advertising companies on attendance of a site.
Storage and the publication of files of all types for downloading from pages of a site
Uploading files (not resorting to the help of foreign FTP-clients), containing various documents, and their publication on a site in the open or closed sections for download users of a site.
Expansion due to connected modules
All used at creation of adaptive modular system "управа" of the decision are based on open standards and the software with an open initial code. These are products Apache Software Foundation, MySQL, GNU and ets).